Worried about medication labeling compliance? Vigilant Labels can help.


Print On-Demand Labels Compliant with ASA, ASTM and ISMP Standards and Guidelines

Simplify your syringe labeling with Vigilant Labels’ Click-to-Comply


No Keypads, No Handwriting, No Waiting. 2 Clicks and 2 Seconds for Case-Specific Labels Sets at the Point of Care

Customized, compliant labels on-demand from the OR to PACU to the pharmacy


Customized, Compliant Labels On-Demand from the OR to PACU to the Pharmacy

Worried About Medication Labeling Compliance?
We’ve Been Waiting for You!

Regulatory standards and guidelines for medication labeling in hospitals and health facilities are complex and compliance is required to maintain accreditation. Consistent, compliant medication labels are vital as a patient safety strategy and crucial to assuring your healthcare facility meets the standards overseen by The Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other regulatory agencies.

Developing a process that meets labeling standards while also ensuring ease of use for anesthesiologists and other clinical providers creates a complex challenge.

All healthcare facilities face the same fundamental medication labeling challenges: Burdens on anesthesia teams create spotty compliance and complexities create inefficient and error- prone processes that can cripple compounded drug workflows in the pharmacy.

From Anesthesia to PACU to the Pharmacy,
We're Improving Medication Labeling in Hospitals and Surgery Centers.
Here's Why:

Medication labels are optimized for anesthesia compliance

Optimized for Anesthesia Compliance

Anesthesia teams easily print compliant, case-specific label sets on-demand in just seconds

Efficient medication labeling printing system for pharmacy teams

Efficient for Pharmacy Teams

Quickly print up to 200 compliant medication labels at once for in-house Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSPs)

Labels Optimized for Anesthesia Compliance

Meets Regulatory Compliance Standards

Labels meet standards and guidelines established by USP <797>, CMS, ASA, ASTM and ISMP

Improves Revenue Cycle Management

Improves Revenue Cycle Management

Eases EHR documentation and charge capture workflow with integrated barcode data on every label

Facilitates Cost Reduction

Facilitates Cost Reduction

Enables pharmacy to reduce or eliminate expensive outsourced compounding and pre-filled syringes

Supports Patient Safety

Supports Patient Safety

Makes consistent, compliant medication labeling a reality throughout your facility - from procedural areas to pharmacy

Download our information kit to learn more and see whether Click-to-Comply from Vigilant Labels might be a fit for your facility.

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Tested and In Use in Hospitals and Surgery Centers,
Here's What the Healthcare Community has to Say.

“The Vigilant Labels Click-to-Comply solution has been used successfully by our anesthesia providers for more than 2 years now. We are compliant with our labeling processes in the OR and are now integrating the syringe labels into our electronic medical record. This is resulting in improved documentation and charge capture for our hospital.”

- Pharmacy Informatics Specialist, Academic Teaching Hospital

“The Vigilant Labels solution is so incredibly easy to use. We have deployed in both endoscopy centers and the anesthetizing staff appreciate how simple the technology is to use in creating their case syringe labels. It makes compliance with regulatory standards easy and removes one more burden from them as they focus on the patient.”

- Quality Assurance Nurse Manager, Endoscopy Center

“We have 3 new CRNA’s coming to both facilities. Can you send a new scan sheet that includes these individuals please? We are LOVING your product by the way.”

- Nurse Manager, Surgery Center

“The printer/labels have fulfilled our needs and we continue to create additional labels as needed. Thanks, for a great product.”

-PharmD, Pharmacy Manager, Community Hospital

  • Benefits Health System
  • Florida Eye Clinic
  • Roper St. Francis
  • Tidelands Health
  • USMD Health
  • Southwest Fort Worth Endoscopy Center
  • Surgical Care Affiliates
  • Saint Joseph Health System
  • Texoma Medical Center

Learn Why The Healthcare Community Is So Delighted With Click-to-Comply™

Introducing the medication labeling system anesthesia teams actually love
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Elegant Simplicity – Just 2 Clicks to Compliance

No Keyboards. No Handwriting. No Noise. No Bulky Machines. No Waiting.

Nothing but Compliance!

Our software and labels are innovating medication labeling in healthcare facilities across the country with workflows designed with actual clinician use in mind.

Anesthesia providers create an entire set of beautiful, compliant, case-specific labels at once with 2 clicks in 2 seconds.

Simplify in-house CSP labeling workflows (or bring the process back in-house from expensive third-party vendors) with up to 200 compliant, medication labels printed at once

The Click-to-Comply Solution is so successful because it offers:

  • Quick, clinician focused workflows – all labels print at once vs. waiting for individual labels to print one at a time
  • Labels that meet standards and guidelines established by USP 797, CMS, ASA, ASTM, and ISMP
  • A variety of label set formats and customized templates to fit all your needs
  • A cost effective, stand-alone, ready-to-use platform – no IT requirements or security concerns
  • Integrated barcode data on every label for EHR documentation and charge capture

We’d love to share how healthcare providers are using Click-to-Comply™ for improved compliance, streamlined workflows and cost savings with custom on-demand label printing.