Our Vision.

Bringing the patient back into focus by simplifying workflow demands.

Our Story.

Improving workflow one label at a time for one process at a time.

Vigilant Labels was born from a simple idea. How could technology be applied to a process that had not been improved for many years? Our founder, Dr. Peter Baek, first noticed this problem in medical school where he found himself frustrated with handwritten labels for anesthesia medications.

Dr. Baek understood that labeling syringes was a vital task that must be done to ensure patient safety. He also came to understand the compliance requirements set forth by USP 797. It was his frustration combined with his understanding that led to Click-to-Comply.

The application of technology to anesthesia labeling has significantly improved the process and experience for anesthesiologists and CRNAs. The first implementation of Click-to-Comply with a large teaching hospital led to significant improvements to the technology. The passion continues, led by Dr. Baek, to identify other workflows in the hospital where compliance and safety are needed.

That has swiftly become our mission.

Ready to take anesthesia compliance to the next level?