Launching today!

Vigilant Labels website launches.

Dr. Peter Baek and the entire team at Vigilant Labels is excited to announce the official launch of our website.  The buzz around the office has been increasingly getting louder as this day neared. It feels like the birth of the company and we couldn’t be more proud.

Our website, along with our social media channels, allows us to tell our story.  A story about simplicity.  A story about safety.  A story about compliance.  A story about true cost-savings in Healthcare.  This is what motivates us each day as we develop and deploy healthcare solutions.

Take a moment to see what Click-to-Comply can do for you and your hospital.  If interested in learning more please reach out to us on the web, social media, e-mail or the phone.  We’d love to talk about how healthcare providers are already using Click-to-Comply and how you could trial it out at your hospital tomorrow.